Get in contact with a MiR Partner

MiR is working with some of the best distributors and system integrators in the automation industry, through our partner network we are able to cover customers’ needs in all of China.

While we do not offer direct purchase from MiR we are very happy to recommend the right partner most suitable for your project. Simply fill out the form below, or reach us by Email, Phone or WeChat.

Our partners provide an important added value by customizing the application/top-module on top of the MiR robot and building integrations with other systems and equipment. We have partners that are specialized in certain industries, and certain applications. We recommend you tell us a bit about your needs for us to guide you to the best match.

You can also send us a mail at china@mir-robots.com or call our customer service hotline on +86 13661856951 (also works with WeChat)