Extend the functionality with MiR Go top modules

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, MiR offers a strategic advantage to forward-thinking organizations.

At our core, MiR is an open robot platform, finely tuned for seamless integration into daily operations. We leverage our extensive knowledge of internal logistics automation and our expertise in software, navigation, and workflow optimization.

Nord Modules - Pallet Lift EUNord Modules - QM220, Quick MoverNord Modules - SC200-480Nord Modules - Wheel GateNord Modules - Basic GateEnabled Robotics - ER-FLEXNord Modules - Pallet RackROEQ - TML150Nord Modules - Pallet Lift USROEQ - TML200ROEQ - TMS-C300 ExtInterroll - LCP AMR top moduleHyperion - Pallet Handling ConveyorNord Modules - PM1000, Pallet MoverNord Modules - PM800, Pallet MoverNord Modules - Dock TargetModula - VLM & AMR integrationEnabled Robotics - ER-ABILITYFIRAC - STERI-Ritem - Base FrameHoST- UV-C Disinfection RobotNoll - Mobile Air Disinfection Top ModuleOmni - Roller Conveyor Top ModuleOmni - Tilt Conveyor Top ModuleOmni - ORP Control BoardSanibot - SB001-UVCOmni - Robotic Arm Top ModuleOmni - Belt Conveyor Top ModuleOmni - Docking Conveyor Top ModuleFlexware - LIFTNord Modules - QM70, Quick MoverSmartRobotics - logiBASE - Basic frame with cover plateOliRobot - US Pallet RackSorion - FleetwareAi Automation - AI buttonAi Automation - AI DoorAi Automation - AI Presence SensorArtschwager - AGV Multiconnectcts - CRT-LPInatech - Shelf Top Moduleitem - Customized modulesKK-tech - Shelf Base SB1000Lifelines Logistics Intelligence - Smart ShelfMossman Tebbs - Modular CartNeoLog - Modular transport ShelvesNord Modules - SC400, Shelf CartNovaticLab - NOVAMove CabinetOmni - Shelving Unit Top ModuleMTS - ROLL CONVEYORRobotCenter - Tote Box Top ModuleROEQ - Cart300ROEQ - S-Cart300ROEQ - S-Cart300 ExtROEQ - S-Cart300WAutonomous Units - DMD4000EPCO - Autonomous UV Disinfection and Body Temperature detection Industrial RobotsBraun - BS Trayfeeder MiR250cts - HSVRG-SES-LPcts - RG-LPcts - RG-TLA-LPcts - RG2S-LPcts - RGMZ-LPcts - RGTLM-LPEsyPro - Esyair Mobile CartHyperion - Conveyor For MiR500/1000Hyperion - Multi-Zone ConveyorHyperion - Roller Conveyor for MiR250iconsys - iAM-CInatech - Auto Stopper Conveyor Top ModuleInatech - CV Top ModuleNoll - PCB Magazine FeederOliRobot - Dual Tote ConveyorOlympus - Conveyor TopROEQ - TR1000ROEQ - TR1000 AutoROEQ - TR125 AutoROEQ - TR500ROEQ - TR500 AutoSmart - logiCON - Frame with conveyer beltSmart - logiCON - Lifting conveyor belt 400mm for KLTTruPhysics - TruLifter MobileVHA - SECUROL-100Idec - MT1A-W250Inatech - Pin Up Top ModuleJAG - Docking unit for heavy mobile cartKonica Minolta - LM200 Latching Top ModuleLink Devices - TP200Link Devices - TP200-CFLink Devices - TP250CFROEQ - TMC300ROEQ - TMC300 ExtNONEAD - Shelf Carrier System CB4Octant - DorsalProjx - DC - CONNECTProjx - MODEL-IVAstech Projects - Robotic Lab AssistantKK-tech - PS1 Pallet forkSmart - logiRACK - transport shelfSmart - logiSHELF - FrameVention - Next-day custom top modulesVicosystems - VLOCKGizelis - Robot Safe UV-CGizelis - RobotSafe™Link Devices - UV-CFOctant - UVCRaybotics Srl - PHS – Pro Health SystemRobotPlus - SAFERBOT UV-CVicosystems - UV101Smart - logiCARRY - Clamping systemComputech - Heavy Duty Lift StationFesto - Lifting PlatformInatech - Lift Top Moduleitem - Low Cost Automation Lift for MiR 100 / 200Noll - Noll Lifting UnitROEQ - TR125 Top Roller Hyperion - Robot Platform for MiR200iconsys - iAM-RInatech - UR Robot Top ModuleNord Modules - CT155, Cobot TowerSmart - logiBOTMTS - Pallet LifterROEQ - AM250 Adaptor ModuleMTS - TEMBOMTS - SHELFInatech - Traverse Top ModuleAlfa Test - Relative MarkersAutotec - Stub Shaft Interface ConveyorHMI-MBS HM TSL AMRLink Devices - IAM StationLink Devices - Pallet Lift StationLink Devices - Pallet RackMelton Machine - Autonomous Mobile Robot Conveyor InterfaceMelton Machine - Heavy Duty Lift StationIntelligent Systems - Next StepMTS - Lifting Table for PalletsNoll - Noll Boxes Transfer StationOctant - Andon Passive RackOctant - AUTO PALLET RACKOctant - PASSIVE RACKOliRobot - Euro Pallet RackOliRobot - Pallet Rack ConveyorOliRobot - Robot Conveyor Docking StationPalomat - PALOMAT® AMRRobotic Innovation - SMART Pallet RackTrio Mobil - AMR Safety SolutionsRobotic Innovation - SMART Pallet StationRobotic Innovation - SMART Pallet Station with liftROEQ - Easy-Pull-Out dockingROEQ - PR250ROEQ - Precision DockingSOCO - Pallet magazine PalManager FixedSVT - SoftBot PlatformRoboConnect - Rocon Lift Interface PanelRajant - Cardinal ModuleOctant - Statistician SoftwareMeili Robots - Meili FMSLocixx - ConnectedThinksKonica Minolta - sWorkflowKonica Minolta - sConnectInOrbit - Robot Operations Platformiconsys - AMRConnectHumatics - MiloHoST - Redundant Fault-Tolerant (FT) Fleet ServerESCAD AUTOMATION - eRAMPDYNAMOTION - Wireless & Battery-less buttonsBridge Robotics - FleetCommander

In manufacturing facilities, where the demand for heightened efficiency, productivity, and innovation is ever-present, MiR Go serves as a powerful resource and inspiration hub. It houses applications and top modules tailored for seamless integration with MiR's suite of robots, delivering a substantial operational boost.

MiR Go is an exclusive ecosystem of over 160 off-the-shelf applications, designed and engineered to enhance the capabilities of MiR robots. With MiR Go Approved, a supplementary to MiR Go, you can rest assured that these applications have undergone testing by us, encompassing functionality, safety, and mutual change control. This ensures that MiR Go Approved products integrate seamlessly with MiR robots, upholding our high quality standards.

The key benefit of MiR Go is its ability to seamlessly customize MiR robots with off-the-shelf solutions, providing flexibility that empowers your company to excel in automation, embrace the future with confidence and a competitive edge by harnessing the full potential of MiR and MiR Go.


Mobile Industrial Robots are not responsible for the products displayed on the MiRGo platform. We only provide the information provided by the dealer partners, and the dealer partners are fully responsible for the product.